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Homeowner  & Tenant  Portal

Self Sign-Up through the Mobile App

Tenants and homeowners can self sign-up for online portal access using the Online Portal Mobile app.

Residents can download the Online Portal Mobile App via the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded to their device, they can access the login page and select the Sign Up link at the bottom.

  1. After clicking the link, the resident will be prompted to enter their first name, last name, phone number, and email address. Once the required information has been entered, the resident can Request Access.
  2. If the resident’s information matches that of a tenant or homeowner in your AppFolio database, the resident will receive an email with an online portal activation link, which they can click to set up a password and gain access to their online portal.
  3. If AppFolio cannot match the information provided by the tenant or homeowner, you will receive an email notification so that you can manually verify their information and send them an activation link via text or email.

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